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April 2nd, 1943 (SATURDAY)

U.S.S.R.: Moscow claims that 850,000 Germans have died in the winter campaign.

ITALY: During the night of 1/2 April, RAF Liberators, under the operational control of the Ninth Air Force, bomb the ferry terminal at Messina and the airfield at Crotone. During the day, 2 Ninth Air Force B-24s on a special mission bomb the ferry terminals at Messina and Villa San Giovanni; 27 B-24s sent against Naples find the target totally obscured by clouds; 9 bomb the area through overcast and 3 bomb Augusta and Crotone. (Jack McKillop)

SICILY: 24 Ninth Air Force B-24s sent to attack Palermo abort because of heavy clouds over the target. (Jack McKillop)

TUNISIA: Ninth Air Force P-40's fly 9 Armored reconnaissance and 6 fighter-bomber and escort missions. Northwest African Air Force B-25s and A-20s bomb the airfield at La Fauconnerie, Tunisia. (Jack McKillop) 

BURMA:8 Tenth Air Force B-25s bomb the Thazi railroad junction. (Jack McKillop)

BISMARCK ARCHIPELAGO: Fifth Air Force B-24s bomb the airfields at Gasmata and Cape Gloucester on New Britain Island. (Jack McKillop)

CAROLINE ISLANDS: A USN submarine sinks a Japanese transport. (Jack McKillop)

NEW GUINEA: Fifth Air Force A-20 Havocs attack the Kitchen Creek area and the Labiabi-Duali area while single B-24s attack Salamaua, Finschhafen and the bridge at Rempi. (Jack McKillop)

SOLOMON ISLANDS: Thirteenth Air Force P-38s and P-40s attack and set fire to a small cargo vessel in Kokolope Bay. (Jack McKillop)

U.S.A.: In the Aleutians, the Eleventh Air Force dispatches 18 B-24 Liberators bomb Kiska targets including North Head while 6 B-25 Mitchells, 16 P-38 Lightnings, and 24 P-40s in 6 missions from Amchitka to Kiska, bomb the Main Camp and submarine base areas. Four B-24s bomb the runway at Attu. All aircraft, including 2 B-25s colliding in the air, return safely. (Jack McKillop)

ATLANTIC OCEAN: The British corvettes HMS BLACK SWAN and HMS STONECROP sink the German submarine U-124 off Oporto, in position 41.02N, 15.39W. This U-boat was crewed by the former crew of U-64 which was sunk in a Norwegian fjord near Narvik in 1940 and rescued by Gebirgsjäger (mountain troops). As such  U-124 wore the "Edelweiss" insignia. (199)(Russ Folsom)

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