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September 14th, 1940

UNITED KINGDOM: Battle of Britain:
RAF Bomber Command: 4 Group. 10 Sqn, Whitley P4966 ditched off Spurn Head. Sqn Ldr K.F. Ferguson and Sgts C.S. Rogers, W. Fraser, E. Cummings and M. Niman all rescued by HMS Kurd.
78 Sqn. N1478 missing from Antwerp, Plt Off C.S Robson and Sgts L.J. Furze, R.M. Heyworth, J. Kelly and J.C. Grieg all killed.

Bombing - invasion fleet at Antwerp.
10 Sqn. Ten
aircraft. All bombed causing fires. One fighter seen, but did not attack. One ditched, crew rescued.
51 Sqn. Twelve
aircraft. One bombed due to severe weather and electrical storms.
78 Sqn. Eight
aircraft. None bombed, one FTR.

The French coast is now so well lit up by burning barges that it has become known as "Blackpool Front" to the RAF bomber pilots.

RAF Fighter Command: During the day south London and radar stations are attacked. At night London and south Wales are bombed.
The Luftwaffe broke through the London defences today and again set fire to the docks. They are an easy target, a sprawling mass of warehouses packed with combustibles, found easily by the Germans who simply flew up the Thames.
The RAF response to the raid was weaker than usual, and the German pilots thought that at last they detected signs of the promised collapse of Fighter Command.

Losses: Luftwaffe, 14; RAF, 14.

The work of the London docks is transferred to the Clyde in Scotland.

Corvette HMS Honeysuckle commissioned. Destroyers HMS Matchless and Meteor laid down. (Dave Shirlaw)

FRANCE: The financial penalties imposed by Germany upon France for the privilege of paying the costs for the army of occupation are far steeper than reparations imposed on Germany after the Great War.
Under the armistice signed at Compiegne in June France must pay 20 million Reichsmark a day, or RM7.3 billion a year, almost three times what Germany had to pay under the Dawes plan of 1924 - one billion a year rising after four years to 2.5 billion.

GERMANY: Berlin: Hitler brings the invasion of Britain forward to 17 September on advice from Göring  that the Luftwaffe is close to success.

U-96 commissioned. U-109, U-551 and U-552 launched.
(Dave Shirlaw)

CANADA: Corvettes HMCS Chilliwack and Matapedia launched in North Vancouver and Quebec City respectively. (Dave Shirlaw)

U.S.A.: The Congress passes the Selective Service Act authorizing the first peacetime draft (conscription) in U.S. history. (Jack McKillop)

New United States naval policy called for a two-ocean navy. Destroyer USS Eberle launched. (Dave Shirlaw)

ATLANTIC OCEAN: A US destroyer, part of Task Force 15, en route to Iceland, spots a submarine emerging from the fog. The sub submerges and 3 destroyers drop depth charges. (Jack McKillop)


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