Newcastle 501

Newcastle Corporation Transport introduced trolleybus operation in October 1935 as part of its tramway replacement programme, and the fleet had grown to over 100 vehicles during the Second World War. Between 1946 and 1949, in an ambitious modernisation effort, 186 new trolleybuses were ordered, both to replace the original fleet and to expand the system to its maximum extent of 37 route miles. Six batches of trolleybuses were ordered, comprising 100 three-axle and 86 two-axle types. Chassis were by B.U.T. and Sunbeam, electrical equipment from English Electric and Metropolitan-Vickers, and bodywork by Metro-Cammell and Northern Coach Builders.

501 is the only survivor of the batch of 30 Sunbeam S7 three-axle trolleybuses, and was delivered on 27 July 1948. Of particular local interest is the timber-framed bodywork, which was constructed by Northern Coach Builders at their Claremont Road, Newcastle, works. 512 of the same batch was exhibited at the 1948 Commercial Motor Show.

Based at Byker Depot, 501 operated for 17 years on Newcastle's heaviest cross-city services. These trolleybuses were nick-named 'Coffins' by the crews, as they were six inches narrower than the more modern-looking eight-feet wide B.U.Ts.

Newcastle replaced its trolleybus services by motor buses in stages over the period 1963 to 1966. As part of this programme, the 'Coffins' were withdrawn on 30 May 1965. All were scrapped except 501, which was retained by Newcastle Museum of Science and Engineering and kept for some time at Byker Depot. After spending some years at various storage sites, 501 arrived at Beamish in 1974. Restoration work commenced by the Beamish Tramway Group, with generous assistance from the Friends of Beamish and other well-wishers. This process occupied over twenty years, during which time the trolleybus would appear from time to time running on the short demonstration wiring, to the delight of those who remembered using it.

The restoration is now close to completion. The bus is fully mobile and only minor jobs remain.

Newcastle 501 passing some roadworks

With its booms at full stretch, Newcastle 501 passes some roadworks at Beamish Museum.

501 and Northern RML

Parked outside the tram shed, Newcastle 501 poses with a visiting bus (a Northern RML with a Leyland 600 engine).

Sunderland 16, Newcastle 114, Newcastle AEC Regent NVK 341 and Newcastle 501 on 22 June 2004

Beamish Tramway Group hosted an evening visit from the NE Bus Preservation Trust at Beamish on Tuesday 22 June, and they brought Newcastle AEC Regent NVK 341 and Atlantean 221 JVK. The Tramway Group brought restored Newcastle Sunbeam S7 / NCB trolleybus LTN 501 out, giving the opportunity for some super photographic line-ups and a few exhilarating rides on 501 between the Depot and Visitor Entrance. The trams on the photograph are Newcastle 114 of 1901, and our latest restored tram launched into service in Summer 2003 - Sunderland 16

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