Andrew's Garden Railway - Pictures

Grandad coming off the girder bridge

Running water and steam trains - heaven on earth! Grandad heads a freight train off the girder bridge across the pond. In the background can be seen the wooden bridge across the narrow end of the pond and just visible is the concrete arch across the stream on the line heading up towards the garage.

G J Aston on the arch

"G J Aston", photgraphed before its name plates arrived, leads a passenger train down out of the garage across the concrete arch bridge. This bridge was cast in situ using a piece of plastic guttering as the former for the arch.

Grandad under a bush

'Grandad' emerging from under a bush.  The freight
wagons are a mixture of scratch building, Mamod,
Coopercraft and Brandbright products.

Grandad on a mixed freight train

Another mixed freight train.  The wagons are Brandbright kits apart
from the middle van which is scratch built on a Mamod chassis.

Mamod passing Sweet William

Mamod on a freight train passing the Sweet William. The Mamod
engine has been modified to burn methylated spirits, and is radio
controlled - the radio receiver is carried in the van behind the engine
 and the servos are mounted in the cab. A 3" whistle is mounted
under the nearside tank. See my making a whistle page.

Carriage 2

Carriage 2 is based on a Lynton and Barnstaple brake third.
The Garden Railway Specialists kit has been improved with
working interior lights and, of course, passengers.

Velinheli on a passenger train

During 2000 my friend Ed brought his quarry Hunslet 'Velinheli' over for some exercise. It is climbing past the pond on a short passenger train.

More pictures can be found in the New section.