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Class of 1952/3

Photo of Old Moat School in Withington around 1952/3.

Another Great Photo sent in my Teddy Knott and memories of his fellow pupils below

Old Moat Primary School, around 1952/3. Pupils I can rember Geoffrey Ward, John, Simmons,Tony Durrans, Francois Padre, Jennifer Lord, Eric Lally, Ann Taylor, Steve Harrison, Dave Cronshaw (I think) Andre Rodier and Teddy Knott at the end right of the third row, our headmistress was Mrs Botham.

The Back Croft And The Rec

During the mid to late fifties and early sixties I lived on Withington council estate near to Princess Road and Mauldeth Rd West, as kids we all grew up together and attended schools such as Old Moat, St Cuthberts, St Ambrose, and Chorlton Park, the clever ones won places at Chorlton Grammar or Ducie Technical.

Nevertheless most of us were interested in football and it was about even stevens on the CITY -UNITED issue, on the estate between the houses (labrynth if you like) lay a piece of spare land of red shale with small areas of wild grass, it was big enough to stage 5 or 6 aside games on so we put coats down for the goals and got stuck in to a match. Eventually we organised games against teams from the other side of the estate such as one from Golbourne Ave area called Red Star, we called ourselves Withington Juniors and at one period were helped or managed by a Mrs Yates and her three sons, Arty, Danny, and Ralph who lived in Rainford ave, another side came from the other side of Mauldeth Road west called Mornington Juniors.

We had some great battles, the players included Brian Holt, Alan and Ian Vickers, Jeff Coulthard, Willie Longden, Joey and Peter (P ecker)Hart, Keith Doyle, Terry Daly,Bob Harris, the Gablers, Mike and Stewart Dewhurst, Dave (wubby) webb and freddie fleet etc etc. They were great days and even when a few of us graduated to organised league football we still used the BACK CROFT as a training ground. Further on to the estate on the corner of Mauldeth Rd West and Yew Tree Rd was a park we called THE REC obviously short for recreation ground it was there we used to play a greatly organised team called HORNET JUNIORS and I've forgotten the names of their players except one -BERNARD WALSH, THE MANAGER WAS A MR MCUGH who lived Mauldeth rd West just round the corner from THE REC. THEY had giant canes for the goalposts,a full set of playing kit and even a first aid kit.

I often pass the place now and it brings back fond memories as too does the OLD BACK CROFT that was situated between Rainford, Bromborough, Woodhall, and Ulverston Avenues in Withington, sadly the council built houses on it around 1980, HAPPY DAYS! I would love to hear from any of my old footballing mates from those days.

The above memories kindly sent in by Teddy Knott.

Where are all those football mates of Teddy's? Lets hear from you..!!


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