2 photos of Woodland Street, off Bury New Road in Salford.

I have found a couple of slides taken of Woodland Street, off Bury New Road in Salford. These were taken in 1977 on a trip back to the UK. I must admit I did see a huge change. Some of the street had been demolished and some houses were bricked up. Not like that when I lived there. I can remember a lot of our neighbours sitting on the doorstep at night and chatting. I can't remember anyone being downright nosey but you knew that you had good neighbours. We lived at No.19 which was next door but one to spare ground (which used to have houses but were bombed during the war). Our neighbours at No 17 were the Christies and No.21 were the Wakefields (Frances and Eileen). Also further down the street the McGintys lived (Ann was my friend). Almost every corner had a shop (chipshop, grocers etc). I think Green Street ran off Woodland where Maureen Popey lived. I wonder how many of these people are still living in the area? I attended Broughton Secondary Modern
School for Girls and left in 1957.

One of our favourite summer pastimes was taking someone's baby for a walk (with permission, of course!). Mind you, we picked our prams - they had to look good!!! I don't think many mothers would allow that
these days. I should like to see more of Salford (if possible) on this website as I believe it it now part of the greater Manchester area ( is this correct?).

There will be more photos when I eventually unpack all my photos. We have just moved from Tasmania back to Perth and will be moving house again once it is built. Then I can unpack and sort some photos out for you.

Once again, thank you for a beaut site. Have passed it on to my Manchester friends over here in Australia. ta ra for now. 15/07/04

Many thanks Ann for your memories and great photos. We shall all look forward, I am sure, to more great photos, the webmaster.

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