4 photos below, 3 Photos of St Cross Church Whit Walks in Clayton about 1954 and one of Whitson Clothes in Bradford Area

(See also,The Holy Name RC Primary school)

Photo 1 Below, Barbara's father, John Richardson (most people knew him Jack Ritchie) is the one nearest the pavement carrying the banner

Photo 2 below Barbara is the girl second from the right.

St Cross Church is in the background of the photo below. Barbara is in the foreground. The reason she does not look too happy is the sun was in her eyes

My father carried the banner for years, see photo one.

The above 3 photos and comments kindly sent in by Barbara Welsh. 27-28/08/04

Many thanks Barbara

Another Photo of the Whitson Times.

Hi. What a great site. I was looking for old photos from Seymoor Road and Ravensburys Street.1955 to 1965 as I went to these schools. I then lived in Sunningdale Avenue, and the name is Jean Fitzhugh. Enclosing photo of my sisters Irene, Helen and myself Jean Fitzhugh. Bit battered, buts its all I have at presant. We are wearing our Whitson Clothes in Bradford Area then. Will try and find more old photos.From Jean

Above photo sent in by Jean Cain (nee Fitzhugh) 09/09/04

St. Lukes Whitsun 1963..?

More Photos..??

Many thanks Jean, I have tried to restore the photo a little.

Above photo sent in by


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