St Clements School Openshaw, Manchester UK

Saint Clements Junior School, Openshaw, Manchester,Class of 1954.

Saint Clements Junior School, Openshaw, Manchester

Class of 1954

5th Row

1. Teacher 2


4.Maureen Roxborough


8. Angela Jackman (Holmes)
4th Row      
3rd Row      
2nd Row      
1st Row      

Many thanks to Maureen Roxborough for sending me this photo. I shall update the rest of the names as I get them. Do you know who the are? Are you in this photo? Let us know.

Class of 1964

I was really surprised to find myself in this photo as I only went to this school for a short time before moving to Fairfield Road.

I am the last girl on the back row (row 5) with ‘pudding bowl’ hair cut. My name is Angela Jackman (Holmes) & my schools were St Clements, Fairfield Road & Ardwick Tech. We lived in Oxton Street opposite the tennis courts until I went to teacher training college in 1966. A family called Keogh bought the house (no 9) & were still living there when I met up with some old friends a couple of years ago.

My sister Jo Holmes went to Central High for Girls & my brother Stephen went to Central  Grammar for Boys after it moved to Kirkmanshulme Lane.

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Angela Jackman (Holmes)

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