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Davy Jones

Davy was born in Manchester , England on December 30, 1945 . His earliest acting was in the local church plays in Lees Street, Higher Openshaw. To this day you can still see amateur dramatics in the same church hall. The church has now been demolished. The amateur dramatics can been seen in the church hall, which is still standing, and used for all church services and community work.

He began entertaining at 11 years-old as Ena Sharples’ grandson on the still-running BBC soap opera, Coronation Street. His performance was so memorable, theatrical agents sought him out as he was working as an apprentice jockey in Newmarket and took him to London where he portrayed Dickens’ mischievous Artful Dodger in the West End production of Oliver! Later, at the age of 16, Davy found himself the toast of New York where he originated the Artful Dodger role on Broadway and was nominated for a Tony Award.

As a result, Davy was offered a contract with Columbia Pictures/Screen Gems Television, and The Monkees was created shortly after. “Ward Sylvester, the executive producer of The Monkees, was my manager at the time. We looked for different types of guys to be part of his idea for this TV show,” Davy says. “Then Micky, Peter, Mike and I were put together in one scene and everyone said, ‘That’s it…magic! We’ll use you four!” Also a musical group, The Monkees’ album sales surpassed all records, and they continue to be best-sellers 30 years later.

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