Manchester's Cinemas

Photo of the curtain at the Magnet Cinema on Church Street, Newton Heath.

The photo of the curtain below was sent in by Kaye Hawley. Click here to read her memory of those days

List Of Manchester Cinemas in the 1940-50's

Cresta Cinema Pricess Road Fallowfield 1959
The Odeon Cinema. The final curtain came down on the Odeon on Thursday, 2nd of September 2004. The Odeon, on Oxford Street, open it's door in 1930 as the Paramount Theatre. I am sure people have many happy memories of this cinema? Let us know if you have.
The Cosmo Cinema. This is on Wellington Street, Gorton, Manchester. The building is still there today. After closing it's doors as a picture hall it then became a bingo hall. As did many a picture hall. It is now an auction house.

The Scala Cinema. This is on Wilmslow Road Withington. Read the memoris of those cinema days by Ted Knott, by clicking here

See the Scala Cinema Programme...?

The Palace Cinema, Farmside Close, Levenshulme, Manchester.
The Olympia Cinema, Hyde Road, Gorton, Manchester.
The Empress Cinema on Oldham Road, Miles Platting, Manchester
The Alhambra Cinema , Ashton-Old-Road, Openshaw, Manchester
The Whithall Cinema, Old Lane, Openshaw, Manchester.
The New Royal Cinema, Ashton New Road, Bradford, Manchester.
The Magnet Cinema, Church Street, Newton Heath
The Corona Cinema, Birch Street West Gorton


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