Arndale Centre Redevelopment

The photo below was taken from the car park of the Arndale Centre. The redevelopment began on September 2003 and is due to be completed by Christmas 2005. In the background can be seen the refurbished Thomson Newspaper building on Withy Grove. This the white building and behind this, next to Victoria Station is The Urbis, the. This the green glass building. It's slogan appears to be "Exploring urban culture and the cities of today and tomorrow." A modern type of museum.


Coming out of the Arndale Multi Storey cark park you join High St. You have to turn left here. The street facing in the background is Turner St.

Having turned left you come to the junction with Withy Grove and Shudehill. The Start of Withy Grove can be see in the background. In the foreground you can see the circular entrance ramp to the Arndale car park

Shudehill and Withy Grove Junction. Starting to turn right into Shudehill. The new tram lines can be seen in the background and also the CIS multi-storye building. The yellow boarding is futher construction work being done

Having turned right you can now see the rest of Shudehill. The white boarding on the right used to be the entrance to the old Smithfield fruit market

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