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For information about films where better to start than www.imdb.com the definitive site. And they will even accept your information and reviews of the films, with free registration you can score a film and add your comments.        Of course you may want to check the certificate or rating of a film so for the UK you need www.bbfc.co.uk and in the US www.filmratings.com 
For news, gossip and comments about both R1 and R2 DVD's from a UK perspective then try www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk or for just R2 in the UK then www.r2-dvd.org For information and FAQ's there is only one place http://dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html  where you will get more stuff about DVD than any normal person could possibly want.
So you have a DVD player : you'll need some films to play.  My favorite people are www.play.com They have the best prices and free delivery. They have nearly all of the R2 discs and the top of the R1's.
For the R1 discs that you cannot get from Play then try www.discemporium.com  
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