Alienor is the archaic form of my name Elinor.

Many books on the origins and meanings of names will tell you that Elinor, or Eleanor and its variants, are simply a derivative of Helen. Not so.

Alienor is a very old name, probably of Germanic origin, found in England, Germany, France, and Italy. It is one of several Germanic names based on the root 'ali' meaning 'foreign'.

The name was introduced to England by Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204), a French princess who became the wife of both Louis II, the king of France, and Henry II, the king of England.

For a biography about Eleanor of Aquitaine visit:  The World of Royalty

If you want to read an excellent novel about Queen Eleanor, try Queen Eleanor's Legacy by Atarah Ben Tovim  the world famous flautist. It's out of print but try Abebooks or Amazon

Eleanor was a devoted patron of music. You can read more about that at: The Musical Influence of Eleanor of Aquitaine.


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