Hometown Picture Gallery 4

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Bandstand Art Gallery

 Northgate Headland Blooms Pornbrokers Les Nowell Butchers on corner Wells Street .etc

Northgate Headland

 SS Braemount Washed Up on Rocks Headland 1912

Braemmount Washed up on Rocks 1912

 Boats in Docks

Boats in Victoria Docks[Deep Water Berth]

 Brenda Road War Damage 1940s View from corner of Faulder Road

Brenda Road 1940s

 Castle Eden Snow

Castle Eden Winter

 St Marys Church Headland

St Marys Church

 Commercial Hotel 1903

Rear of Commercial Hotel 1903

 Durham Hotel 1968 [Corner Exeter and Lynn Street]

Durham Hotel 1968

 Edgar Phillips bike Advertising Brittania Lamps 1920s

Edgar Phillips Advert 1920s

 Faulder Road after war 1940

Faulder Road1940s

 Fish Sands Looking onto Town Wall 1907[fishing nets hanging on sea wall]

Fish Sands Town Wall 1907

 Floods Middleton Road [Murray Street on left]

Flood Middleton Road

 Flood Brus Corner West View looking onto Brus Arms

Flood Brus Corner

 Greatham Creek with house boats

Greatham Creek House Boats

 Hartlepool Public Library Northgate 1903 Headland [now Maritime Museum]

Hartlepool Public Library 1903

 Hollymount Childrens Home

Hollymount Childrens Home

 Lawrenson Hotel 1920s opposite Palladium pics

Lawrenson Hotel 1920s

 Headland Lighthouse and Huegh Pier on right[1st British soldier was killed in battle here ] plaque on left of picture to commemorate

Lighthouse and Pier Headland

 Northern Daily Mails 1st Premises

Northern Daiy Mail 1st Premises

 Masons Cab Hire 1928

Masons Cab Hire1928

 Masons Coach Hire 1912

Masons Coaches 1912

 Methodist Free Church

Methodist Free Church

 Palladium Pics Northgate Headland

Palladium Pics

 Palladium Empress Theatre 1912 Northgate

Palladium Empress Theatre 1912

 Promenade Headland 1915

Promenade Headland 1915

 Reeds Corrugated cases Fire 1970 [Oaksway Trading Estate]

Reeds Corrugated Cases Fire1970

 Sid Robinson Riding Penny Farthing York Road

Robert Robinsons York Road

 Robert Robinsons Grand Garage Avenue Road Corner 1950s

Robert Robinson Grand Garage 1950s

 Rosebank High School [Private School in Elwick Road]d

Rosebank High School Elwick Road

 Scarborough Street 1914

Scarborough Street 1914

 Seaton Carew Front Early Days

Seaton Carew Front

 Seaton Carew Beach Full of Tents

Seaton Carew Beach

 Incinerater on Spion Cop Headland

Spion Cop Incinerater Chimney

 St James ChurchMusgrave and Whitby street corner

St James Church

 Hartlepool Railway Station Waiting Outside for Train

Hartlepool Railway Station 1906

 Sea View Steelworks North Works etc

Steelworks view From Sea 1964

 Early Stranton Area and Trolley Bus [from Church Street to Foggy Furze

Stranton 1910

 outdoor swimming pool headland 1910

Swimming Pool 1910

 Technical Day School

Technical Day School 1910

 Headland Trolley Bus Terminal looking down Brougham Street Cosmopolerton Pub on left and St Marys Church  1928

Trolley Bus Terminal 1928

 High Street looking up to St Hildas Church

High Street

Bike Profficiecy Test on Bull Field

Bikes on Bull Field

 Hartlepools Co-op Society Stores in Northgate Hartlepool

Hartlepool Coop Society Store

 Lynn Street Hardys on right

Lynn Street Hardys

 Royal Hotel Church Street Bottom

Royal Hotel Church Street

 Fish Sands looking onto The Harbour Pub

Fish Sands-Harbour Pub

A.F.S. Exercise at Docks

 Hartlepool Box Factory after 1940s Blitz [Cecil M Yuills on right]

Hartlepool Box Factory after Blitz 1940


A.J.Raine Garage Park Road 1947

 Northerns Cinema York Road [Had an upstairs on left ] [there were only about 6 ? seats] the front seats were wooden and called the splinters ,or the dog end we sneaked back to the good seats when we could

Northerns Cinema Interior [York Road]

 Central Marine Engine Works Fitting out Workshops  Docks 1950s

C.M.E.W. Fitting out Workshops 1950s

 Low Light used for guiding ships into the harbours Tees and Hartlepool [was near the Staincliffe Hotel]

Low Light [was near Staincliffe Seaton]

 Lord Clyde Pub Hartlepool

Lord Clyde Pub Hartlepool