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Scorpywag Discussion Forum.

We are endeavouring to open a discussion forum on various Doors/film/music topics and as such have opened a discussion list with Listbot.

Our sign up form is on our Feedback page and we are obviously hoping that enough people get involved to create a worthwhile debate as it's pointless us talking amongst ourselves especially as the little ginger bastard never takes any notice of me anyhow.   ( puff-Ed ).

If you are interested then get involved and lets see if we can take

this little experiment somewhere.

Any opinions are more than welcome so check it out.

Cool Doors Links:-

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Chris's Doors Page.     HWY Doors site.

The Neon Grove.         Ancient Gallery.

The Severed Garden.   Strange days.

The Crystal Caverns.   Rockmine.

The House of Detention.    Bbrian26

     The Doors Interactive History

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