Zoota Lures is proud to have become the first sponsor of the new Gallery Competition in Pikelines, the quarterly magazine of the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain.

How to Enter

Starting with issue number 118 I will be choosing one winner every quarter to receive Zoota Lures prizes, including an exclusive lure. The competition is open to all PAC members who have a photo printed on the gallery page.

There is absolutely no need to have caught a big fish to win - my criteria for choosing the winner is simply the photo that I think is best. It might be a monster pike, or a very well composed photo, or one that in my opinion simply captures the spirit of pike fishing. So why not get your photo into the magazine, it could be you who wins a great prize!

The Prizes

Every winner of the Gallery Competition will receive a special edition Curly Jack lure, in all gold to symbolise the PAC Logo. This lure will be made exclusively for the winners of the Gallery Competition so the only way to get your hands on one is to win the competition! (It isn't the best photo in the world but see below for an idea of what the lure looks like).

In addition to this exclusive lure the winner will also receive a voucher worth 20 for them to choose any items from the Zoota Lures range of lures and accessories.

Sponsorship of the Gallery Competition has now ceased

If you are not already a PAC member please join now!

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