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 Jack and I have just released a new album called Scotland we love you. Jack sings the title track as a duet with Lena Martell. It's our first Dvd and is currently our best seller, It's on the Scotdisc label and available to purchase from their website
scotland album
1. Mountain Tay
2. The lion roars inside of me ( Scotland I love you )
3. Ashokan farewell
4. Wee china pig
5. Caledonia
6. Jacqueline waltz
7. Toast to the lassies selection, Lass O'bon Accord, Lassie come and dance with me, I've never      kissed a bonnie lass before
8. The hills I used to roam
9. The Jeely piece song
10. Jean's reel
11. Swan lady
12. Dark Island
13. The Royal Mile
14. Jean
15. Flowers of Edinburgh, Lass O'Patie's Mill, Teetotaller's reel
16. Auld Land Syne
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