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A Toast from Scotland
Jimmy Shand - The Legend
A toast from Scotland
  1. A Toast to Andy Stewart
  2. Dance the Gay Gordons
  3. Donald Where's yer Trousers
  4. Nobody's Child
  5. These are my Mountains
  6. Let's have a Ceilidh
  7. Sunshine of Your Smile
  8. Bluebell Polka
  9. One Day at a Time
  10. Lass O' Bon Accord
  11. By the Lochside
  12. Tunes of Glory
  13. The Big Kilmarnock Bunnet
  14. March Hare
  15. Rothesay Bay
  16. The Way Old Friends Do
Edinburgh to the Borders
CD Single
  1. Jimmy Shand (The Legend)-Bluebell Polka
  2. Back to Bonnie Scotland - Skye Boat Song - Westering Home
  3. Shetland Reels (Instrumental), Da Tusker Willafjord, Sandyford Reel
The Flying Scotsman
A Toast to Andy Stewart
The Flying Scotsman
  1. The Flying Scotsman
  2. Pistonette
  3. Mary Milne
  4. The Game (Le Gibier)
  5. Dollanes Melody
  6. Happy Hours
  7. The Floral Dance
  8. The Dark Island
  9. The Typewriter
  10. Le Manege
  11. Theme from Bilitis
  12. High Level Hornpipe
  13. The Jaqueline Waltz
  14. The Swiss Polka
  15. The Jiggin' Pig
  16. The Cuckoo Waltz
  17. Alpine Express
A Toast to Andy Stewart
CD Single
  1. A Toast to Andy Stewart - The Muckin' 'O' Geordie's Byre - Campbelltown Loch - Donald Where's yer Trousers - A Scottish Soldier - The Battle's O'er
  2. Dance the Gay Gordons (Fast Tempo) - Come In, Come In - Take me Back - Campbelltown Loch - The Muckin' 'O' Geordie's Byre - Tunes of Glory
  3. Andy's Marches - By the Lochside - The Battle's O'er - A Scottish Soldier(Green Hills of Tyrol)
Songs of Inspiration
Favourite Memories
Songs of Inspiration
  1. I Have a Dream
  2. Lord of the Dance
  3. What a Friend we have in Jesus - The Sweet By & By - Shall we Gather by the River
  4. The Old Rugged Cross
  5. Morning Has Broken
  6. Highland Cathedral
  7. My Forever Friend
  8. The Day Thou' Gavest
  9. Whispering Hope
  10. Going Home
  11. Bless This House
  12. Ballade Pour Adeline
  13. What Colour is the Wind
  14. Danny Boy
  15. Home from the Sea
  16. At the End of the Day
Favourite Memories
  1. Two Highland Lads-Waggle O' the Kilt-Gallant 42
  2. Jimmy Shand (The Legend)-Bluebell Polka
  3. Dumbarton's Drums
  4. Crystal Chandeliers
  5. Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen
  6. Highland Cathedral
  7. What Colour is the Wind
  8. The Glorious North
  9. These are my Mountains
  10. Annie Laurie
  11. Dark Island
  12. Big Kilmarnock Bunnet-Soor Milk Cairt-Johnny Lad
  13. Swan Lady
  14. Rothesay O'
  15. Margaret's Waltz
  16. Scotland for me
  17. Friendly folk of the Borders
  18. Shetland Reels-Da Tusker-Willafjord-Sandyford Reel
  19. Daisy a Day
  20. Flower of Scotland
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1. Nobody's Child

2. The Tartan

3. The High Level Hornpipe

4. The Jacqueline Waltz

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