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50th anniversary reunion
Well, it's all over. But photos and stories will follow once the dust has settled.

Ancient tracing
Read Peter Platt's account of how the reunions got started. Home

Old photo pages
As more ex-75th are taking an interest in this site I am receiving old photos that are more inclined to portraying personal life stories, Locking and post-Locking, rather than those of general interest to all. Now all of these photos are of some interest, especially to ex soul mates, hut members, or what-have-you. But there just isn’t sufficient available Web space allocated on the server to encompass everything.

To overcome the problem we could set up links from this site to members’ photo galleries on their own sites (most ISPs provide some free web space nowadays). Can anyone interested in doing this let me know. To preserve the look and feel, the member’s gallery could open up within the main pane of this site provided we stick to an agreed format. To this end I could make up some sort of template which I could e-mail to those interested. If there are those out there who know a fair bit about web-site design (and I reckon I know two at least), any practical help or suggestions are most welcome.

I’ll wait to see the level of interest before doing any work on this. I think that three or more would make it worth doing and it sure would make the 75th site more interesting.

bullet  Platt near writes off Gumbrecht (& vica versa)
A rendevous at Peter's place for a spot of hill walking nearly did for both of us. Alex G from knackerederitus and Peter P when he twisted his leg during an arduous climb. By the time we reached the pub we looked like a pair of refugees fleeing the Grim Reaper. Ironbridge and the surrounding hills are quite beautiful though. Take a look at the photos.
Photo 1  (40K)    PP and AG at the top of Titterstone Clee (about 1750ft) with view over Shropshire.
Photo 2  (39K)    As picture 1 showing route up in background.
Photo 3  (45K)    Scenic.
Photo 4  (44K)    Scenic.
Photo 5  (40K)    Scenic.

bullet  Dennis Ward re-visited
Whilst at the 99 RAFLAA AGM someone gave me Dennis Ward's address. No doubt anyone in C Squadron will recall the dulcet tones of Corporal Ward awaking us gently at 05.30 wilth the plaintif cry "HANDS OFF COCKS, FEET IN SOCKS". I decided to drop Dennis a line for old time's sake and now have received a reply. You'll find the exchange of letters on the people page. - ajg 7 October 99

bullet  Meet-up with Brian Reader during UK trip
John Tory and Alex Gumbrecht managed to catch up with Brian Reader and his wife Olive during their hectic UK holiday. We met up at the Belfry just off J14 of the M42 and, as is usual on these occasions, traded copious amounts of bull for a few hours.
Photo  (40K)    Alex Gumbrecht, John Tory and Brian Reader at the Belfry.

bullet  Tony Adcock
It is with regret that I recently heard via Bob Cooper that Tony Adcock had died. If anyone close to Tony wants to pay a short tribute, I'll put it on site - but only if I know that it's been OKd by Jacqueline Adcock first. - ajg

bullet  Old photos
A new category with photos from our apprentice days. Triggered off when Brian Reader bought himself a scanner and sent in a 2MB bitmap via email.. More wanted.

bullet  Make-A-Wish Foundation

The charity received the grand total of £505 as a result of sponsorships for the 'Wish Pedlars Bike Ride' - see story. Thanks to the following amongst others:
  • Membertrack
  • Peter Platt (75th)
  • John Studholme (81st)
  • Dr. Roobina Baloch
  • Chris Horn (99th)
  • Mike Kusmirak (CompInfo)
  • John Edwards (California, USA)

bullet  Successful re-union at Ironbridge, 19th September 1998

Pictures 1 to 5 are quick pulls from a digital camera taken at medium (only) resolution. Photos of the dinner were taken on a conventional camera and have to be developed and scanned. They will follow later so watch this space. BUT be warned, the list of photos is dynamic. Reason - I may have to remove some earlier ones to clear out enough web space.

Picture 1  (32K)    Peter Platt, John Tory, Brian Francis.
Picture 2  (32K)    Peter Platt, Alex Gumbrecht, Brian Francis.
Picture 3  (27K)    Alan Fowler and John Tory at the bar.
Picture 4  (29K)    In front of Billy Wright's birthplace.
Picture 5  (32K)    On the bridge over the River Severn.
Picture 6  (32K)    The bald spot contest (only joking!).

bullet  Freedom of Weston-super-Mare, 23rd September 98

Pictures A and B are from a digital camera taken at medium (only) resolution. Other photos taken on a conventional camera have yet to be developed and scanned. To follow.

Picture A  (33K)    Ex-apprentices & ex-staff falling in.
Picture B  (31K)    Pete Hardwick on parade.