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My VW Golf GTI Mk1 (No.3)

The car full of bits

You see, the story of breaking a car didn't quite hold true...

A mate from work, Lee Lawerence, Mr Mk1 Escort, came along with his dad and helped me bring it back. We got there in thick fog, the car packed and ready. Exchanging the cash, Lee took it down the local petrol station to put some air in the tyres, his dad and me following in my Lhasa Green Mk1 - CONVOY STYLEE!!

At the petrol station Lee commented on how well it drove, and that apart from a lack of petrol he couldn't see any reason not to take it back. So with us behind, Lee zoomed back up the A1. No smoke, no faults, and only a hairy moment when the lights flicked half way back.

The following weekend was Utterly Veedubberly, and what do you know? A guy selling a mint Lhasa Green tailgate for 20 - BARGAIN! Everything was looking up for the car, and breaking it seemed a distant memory. But Jules didn't see it that way, another car blocking the drive, that's all. So I started to talk things thro' with my brothers...



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