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Curriculum Vitae

Name:Jeong-ae Ahn

University Education
Oct .‘93 to Oct. ‘94: M.A. in Special Applications of Linguistics from the University of Birmingham.
Mar. ‘84 to Feb. ‘89:B.A. in English Language and Literature, which included a diploma in teaching English to students aged 13 to 18, at Kyung Hee University.

Professional Courses
Apr. ‘92 to Sep. ‘92: Full-time English training course for simultaneous interpreter at Korea Herald English Institute in Seoul, Korea.

Work Experience
Jul. ‘98 to Dec. ‘98: Part-time teacher of middle-school students at ELI, Kwanchung-Lee, Kangwha Gun, 417-800, Incheon KwangYoek City, Korea.

Aug. ‘96 to Jul. ‘97: Guardian to Chang-hyun Lee.

Sep. ‘91 to Dec. ‘92: Part-time interpreter for G-U company, Johann-Maus-Straße 1, D-7257, Ditzingen, Germany

I worked every four months as an English/Korean interpreter for G-U company. As an interpreter, I accompanied German engineers to visit timber mills where I explained how their machines and tools worked to Korean factory managers and engineers who were in charge of sawmills.

Translator for The Hungarian company, Padiripari Vallalat, H-1215, Budapest, Duna, U.42, H-1751, Budapest PF 86.

I also translated for the head of a Hungarian paper manufauturing firm which was contracted to a Department of Forestry research team at Seoul National University.

Sep. ‘91 to Feb. ‘92:Full-time teaching assistant at Kanghwa Girl’s Middle School, Kwanchung-Lee, Kangwha Gun, 417-800, Incheon KwangYoek City, Korea.

I assisted a full-time English teacher and I taught 6 classes composed of 50 students to help them produce correct grammatical usage using a text book which was published by the Ministry of Education in Korea.

Feb. ‘90 to Apr. ‘90: Full-time Tutor at WhaSung Foreign Language Institute, Apkujeong-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea.

I taught English grammar to third year middle school students and first year high school students.

Mar. ‘89 to Jun. ‘89: Full-time tutor at Yoon Teacher’s English Classroom, 827-64, JeongHan Building, YeokSam-Dong, KangNam-Gu, Seoul, Korea.

I taught middle school students using teaching materials which were published by a private institute.

Other interests
Hobbies: I enjoy playing the classical guitar and the piano, reading novels and going to films. My sports interests are ten-pin bowling, ice-skating, tennis and golf.

Languages: I’m learning Spanish as well as continually updating my English. I can also read Chinese quite well and have a basic knowledge of Japanese.

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