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Virus Alert - VBS/LoveLet-A Alias The Love Bug

This is a particularly nasty virus which not only disrupts your own computer but quickly attempts to email everyone in your address book. Detected in Hong Kong on Thursday 4th May, it quickly transmitted itself around the globe in a few hours attacking many high-profile sites such as the Pentagon and the UK Houses of Parliament. Possibly originating in Singapore the virus has been nicknamed the

Killer from Manilla

If you have received an email with the title


and the message text

kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me.

then you have been sent the virus.

Do not open the attachment.

Just delete the email and any others you receive and you'll be safe. If you have opened it then try some of the sites below for instructions or software to clean your system.

Norton Antivirus 2000 (US Only)

Information and solution from Symantec

Information and Software from Sophos

To avoid new viruses of the same type you should purchase anti-virus software and keep it up to date. As a general rule you should never open any attachments unless you were expecting them. If it looks weird try contacting the sender to check that they meant to send you the file. If you receive silly emails at work with attachments, even from friends or colleagues, beware of opening them. If it's discovered that you were the one to unleash a virus on your companies email system you could face disciplinary action! However you should always contact your email administrators at once if you suspect a virus has appeared in your mailbox. The quicker the alert, the less destructive the virus will be able to be...

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