The A to Z of Scottish Places: Gazetteer P

The A to Z of Scottish Places: P

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Scottish flagP is for...

    ... Paisley
    SettlementRenfrewshire5Pop: 75526

      Somewhat overshadowed by its close neighbour Glasgow, Paisley is nevertheless a historically more ancient town. Once the thread capital of the world, it is the place the Paisley Pattern originated although this industry has all but disappeared from the area. The Abbey Church was founded in 1163, destroyed by the English in 1307 and later rebuilt. The city centre contains many other fine buildings including the Thomas Coats Memorial Church and the.Town Hall. Locals are affectionately termed "buddies".

    ... Perth
    SettlementPerth and Kinross16Pop: 41453

      The capital of Scotland until the assassination of James I in 1437, Perth was once known as St Johnstoun, the name which the city's football team now bears. It was a focal point for many of Scotland's early historical events and has associations with Cromwell, John Knox and both Jacobite risings. Built on the River Tay, the city's central location gives it an unparalleled advantage as a base for tourists, a fact which perhaps explains the high number of antique and gift stores in the area.

    ... Port Glasgow
    SettlementInverclyde35Pop: 19693

      Once the fishing village of Newark, Port Glasgow was renamed and extended as the port for Glasgow before the artificial deepening of the Clyde in the late 18th century allowed the city to build its own docks. Port Glasgow later became an important ship-building centre and The Comet, a replica of which was displayed in the town's gardens for many years, was launched here in 1812. It was the first commercial steamship in Europe. Shipbuilding continues to the present day with recent orders including new craft for the Caledonian McBrayne ferry fleet to the Scottish islands. Newark Castle, built by the Maxwell family in the 15th and 16th centuries, stands proudly beside the shipyards and was gifted to the nation in 1909.

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