The A to Z of Scottish Places: Gazetteer H

The A to Z of Scottish Places: H

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Scottish flagH is for...

    ... Holy Island
    Island Firth of Clyde93 Acres: 625, Height: 1030ft

      Holy Island While approaching Arran from the Clyde mainland one can easily be mistaken into thinking that as well as Goat Fell to the north, the capital Brodick is flanked by a southern peak, but as distance closes this peak soon resolves into a seperate island, Holy Island. The island gets its name from St Molaise, a follower of St Columba, who is reputed to have resided on it. A mile long and over a thousand feet high, Holy Island has grassy lower slopes, heather covered higher ground and a rocky summit, giving the impression of a mountain in minature. The Saint's Cave about 30 feet above sea-level is inscribed with millenia of scribblings including a short Runic message. The present owners continue the island's link with religion - they are buddhist monks who welcome the quiet visitor.

    ... Hamilton
    SettlementSouth Lanarkshire9Pop: 49991

      Built at the centre of a former coal-mining district, Hamilton was made a royal burgh in 1548. Cromwell made the town a headquarters in 1651. There were many great houses in the area including Hamilton Palace, built in the 19th century but demolished less than a hundred years later; Cadzow Castle, a royal residence since the 10th century, and Chaterlault Lodge. The latter was designed by William Adam who also designed the town's octoganal parish church. Hamilton race-course is one of the best in the country.

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