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A to Z of Chart Biographies 2000/2001/2002

A to Z of Chart Biographies 2000/2001/2002

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... Kandi

    Don't Think I'm Not We may not know her face but we certainly know her songs as Atlanta born Kandi Burrus was co-writer on No Scrubs by TLC (for which she won a Grammy) and There You Go by Pink. Don't Think I'm Not debuts at no 9 on November 5th, 2000 in the UK and makes you think the lady may not have a high opinion of the opposite sex, as once again she's berating her lover for being less-than-perfect. Her real life partner is also her co-writer, the record producer Kevin She'kespere Briggs.
    Lyrics: Don't Think I'm Not (UK:9)

... Ronan Keating

    Lovin' Each Day While the other lads moan in the press about the Boyzone tour that will never be, Ronan Keating quietly chalks up another solo hit, debuting at no 2 on 22nd April, 2001 in the UK with Lovin' Each Day. No longer co-manager of Westlife, Ronan looks set to pursue his career in the US where his star has been steadily rising. The rest of Boyzone may despair but Keating has always been the apple of Louis Walsh's eye, with solo presenting jobs at Eurovision and Miss World to his credit. Like Stephen Gately whose career looks likely to continue for a while longer, Ronan was recruited straight from school. Unlike Keith and Mikey, who are understandably not keen to return to being mechanics...
    Lyrics: Life Is A Rollercoaster (UK:1), Lovin' Each Day (UK:2), The Way You Make Me Feel (UK:6)

... Kelis

    Caught Out There Kelis may be an overnight star but the young Harlem girl has been involved in music all her life. Her father is a jazz musician and she has played violin for fourteen years, saxophone for four and sang a variety of music including opera with the Girls Choir of Harlem for seven years. Caught Out There, dubbed a "chick anthem", is a emotional tirade in the my-man-done-me-wrong tradition. It debuted at no 4 in the UK on the 27th February, 2000.
    Lyrics: Caught Out There (UK:4)

... Alicia Keys

    A Woman's Worth A Woman's Worth by Alicia Keys climbs to no 9 in the US on January 12th, 2002. Her debut single Fallin' climbed to no 1 on August 18th, 2001. Signed to Arista in 1998 and following Clive Davis to J Records the next year, the New York born 19-year-old has been writing and recording her debut album Songs in A Minor for five years. Alicia is a classically trained pianist. The majority of the material on her album is written by herself but she also collaborates on two tracks, with Jermaine Dupri and Isaac Hayes.
    Lyrics: A Woman's Worth, Fallin' (US:1, UK:3)

... Kosheen

    Hide U Kosheen debuts at no 6 in the UK on 26th August, 2001 with Hide U. The trio are Markee Substance, Darren Decoder and vocalist Sian Evans. The track was championed last year by the likes of John Digweed and was recently voted best single at the Drum & bass awards. The group hooked up in Bristol where Darren was born although Sian is from Wales and Markee is from Glasgow. Their album Resist should be released soon and will also feature the recent single (Slip & Slide) Suicide.
    Lyrics: Hide U (UK:6)

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