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A to Z of Chart Biographies 2000/2001/2002

A to Z of Chart Biographies 2000/2001/2002

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H and Claire

  • DJ

    ... Geri Halliwell

      Calling Quiet ballad Calling by Geri Halliwell makes it three Top 10s in the UK for the former miss Ginger Spice in 2001 when it debuts at no 7 on December 2nd. It follows the title track from her second solo album, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, which despite an entertaining video, a high-energy chorus and a sixties sounding break could only reach no 8 on its debut in the UK on August 5th, 2001. Previously elements of Fame, Flashdance and Bridget Jones' Diary in the video for It's Raining Men showed off the former Ginger Spice's new body in typical cheeky manner ensuring Geri Halliwell's remake of The Weather Girls song was a hit. It debuted at no 1 on 6th May 2001. It was her fourth UK no 1 since she went solo and follows the "girl powder" anthem from 2000, Bag It Up.
      Lyrics: Bag It Up (UK:1), Calling (UK:7) It's Raining Men (UK:1), Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (UK:8)

  • ... Gordon Haskell

      How Wonderful You Are by Gordon Haskell debuts at no 2 on December 23rd, 2001 in the UK having almost done the impossible - with no video support and only MOR radio behind it, it almost became the UK's Christmas No 1. It shows that not all hits are packaged and ready made. Haskell was once a member of progressive rock group King Crimson in the early seventies. The idea for his soft romantic ballad he says came to him while shopping with his elderly mother.
      Lyrics: How Wonderful You Are (UK:2)

    ... Hear'Say

      Everybody The third single from Hear'Say, Everybody debuts at no 4 on December 2nd, 2001 and is taken from their new album of the same name. It would be so easy to be cynical and say that the manufactured group Hear'Say who debuted at no 1 in the UK with their first two releases Pure and Simple on 18th March and The Way To Your Heart on 1st July, don't deserve the top spot but frankly who can argue with a public who get behind a group even before they record a note. The TV programme Popstars which saw thousands of hopefuls whittled down to a final five over a few short months was fascinating to watch even if it revealed little of the "real" business. However the chosen five - Noel, Danny, Kym, Mayleene and Suzanne - look good, dance well and more importantly sound good too. But that may not be enough to keep the press and public from losing interest...
      Lyrics: Everybody (UK:4), Pure And Simple (UK:1), The Way To Your Heart (UK:1)

    ... Hermes House Band

      Country Roads Hermes House Band debut at no 7 with their party version of Country Roads on December 9th, 2001. The song was written by John Denver and was originally a hit in the UK for Olivia Newton-John in 1973. Formed while they were still students in 1984, Judith Robin and Jop the members of Hermes House Band first made an impression in their home country of The Netherlands with their 1995 remake of I Will Survive which went to no 1. Party versions of other songs followed with hits scored in many countries around the world.
      Lyrics: Country Roads (UK:7)

    ... Hi-Gate

      Hi-Gate is only one of many "monikers" which Paul Masterton and Judge Jules record under. Their biggest hit of the year so far is Pitchin which debuted at no 6 on the 23rd of January. They have already scored with "Synth and Strings" under the Yomanda moniker in 1999, and they also hit no 16 with Sunshine on March 5th, 2000. The duo also record under the name the Clergy, on 'Saints & Sinners'.

    ... Faith Hill

      There You'll Be While the jury may still be out on the film Pearl Harbour, its theme, There You'll Be, written by master songwriter Diane Warren, and performed by Faith Hill debuts at no 3 in the UK on June 24th and also hits the US top 10. Despite huge success at home in the States and elsewhere, the photogenic Ms Hill is possibly just too MOR or country for British tastes and as such this is her debut Top 10. Ms Warren on the other hand has been described as a hit machine, working 12 hours a day at her craft.
      Lyrics: There You'll Be (UK:3, US:10), The Way You Love Me

    ... Honeyz

      Won't Take It Lying Down which debuts at no 7 on 5th March, is the Anglo/French R&B trio Honeyz' fifth Top 10 hit. Originally with a line-up of Heavenli Abdi, Naima Belkhiati and Célena Cherry, their first hit was Finally Found in September 1998. Abdi left in 1999 and was replaced by Mariama Goodman. Won't Take It Lying Down featured a slick and sexy video worthy of their US counterparts.
      Lyrics: Won't Take It Lying Down (UK:7)

    ... Whitney Houston and George Michael/Enrique Iglesias

      Climbing to no 6 on October 27th, 2001 is Whitney Houston's live rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Recorded in 1991 at the Super Bowl, the track has been re-released as a single to benefit the uniformed victims of the World Trade Center attacks. This is Whitney Houston's first major US hit since My Love Is Your Love in early 2000. The media has been unkind to the artist in recent years, dwelling more on her private life than her musical achievements, of which this rendition of the popular anthem is one of her best.

      Could I Have This Kiss Forever The duet with Julio's son Enrique Iglesias, Could I Have This Kiss Forever debuts in the UK at no 7 on October 8th and follows a more disappointing debut at no 9 on June 11th for If I Told You That the first single from Whitney Houston's no 1 Greatest Hits album. The duet with George Michael had been getting a lot of radio play although the late arrival of the video to the likes of MTV did not do the single any favours. However with her husband Bobby Brown recently in prison and her own drugs possession charge the queen of American soul has no doubt had other things on her mind. For more on Whitney see The A to Z of Whitney Houston.
      Lyrics: Could I Have This Kiss Forever (UK:7), If I Told You That (UK:9), The Star Spangled Banner (US:6)

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