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A to Z of Chart Biographies 2000/2001/2002

A to Z of Chart Biographies 2000/2001/2002

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... Faithless

    The honour of highest new entry of the week of June 10th, 2001 in the UK, goes to Faithless who return to the British top 10 with We Come 1. The dance outfit are about to release their third album Outrospective. Vocals on the single are as usual by Maxi Jazz although both Dido who is sister to band member Rollo, and Zoe from Bent will guest on some tracks. We Come 1 is the group's fifth British top 10 and by debuting at no 3 equals the success of the re-released Insomnia in 1996.
    Lyrics: We Come 1 (UK:3)

... Fat Boy Slim

    The heavily edited for radio Star 69 debuts at no 10 on April 29th, 2001 for Fatboy Slim although video support for the release favours the quirky Weapon Of Choice and its dance routine by Hollywood Christopher Walken. The latest album features a slight change of sound and was preceded by the single Sunset (Bird of Prey) with spoken samples of dead Doors' frontman Jim Morrison giving the track a laid-back feel negated by a violent air-strike video. The new album Halfway Between The Gutter and The Stars features the vocal talents of Macy Gray and Funk superstar Bootsy Collins. Writing new material proved difficult for Fatboy (AKA Norman Cook) and he suffered a few month's worrying over how he would follow the internationally renowned You've Come A Long Way, Baby. The resulting album he says is "more chilled and loved-up than the last one".

... Fat Les 2000

    Now the official Euro 2000 anthem for England, Jerusalem by Fat Les 2000 debuted in the UK at no 10 on June 11th, 2000. What happened next to the song depended on the English football team's performance at the European Soccer tournament. Fat Les were last in the chart with Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office) but it's their other footballing anthem Vindaloo which was a no 2 hit in June 1998 that most will want to remember. The group are fronted by actor and comedian Keith Allen, Blur's Alex James and controversial artist Damien Hirst. Jerusalem was written by William Blake in the 19th century and formed part of the soundtrack to Chariots of Fire, the film about that other sporting event, The Olympics.
    Lyrics: Jerusalem (UK:10)

... Feeder

    A clean and bright rock anthem Buck Rogers is Feeder's biggest ever UK hit. It debuts at no 5 on January 14th, 2001. The video is even less sci-fi than the song although the welsh trio do seem to be using a Tardis in the shape of an elephant. Very Wannadies...
    Lyrics: Buck Rogers (UK:5)

... Fierce

    Fierce are Sabrina Weathers, Chantal Alleyne and Aisha Peters. Chantal and Aisha first met at school and befriended Sabrina when they joined a local gospel choir. They were signed to Wildstar records in 1998 and released a run of minor hit singles including the title track of their first album Right Here Right Now. Sweet Love Y2K, a cover of the Anita Baker hit of 1986, debuted in the UK at no 3 on the 6th of February, 2000 and marked a major breakthrough for this British R&B trio.
    Lyrics: Sweet Love Y2K (UK:3)

... Five

    Five, or for a short while was it really Four? No matter now as the latest band split see Five chart at no 4 in the UK on 28th October, 2001, with their final release Closer To You despite no longer being together. It was clear from the video of their recent UK no 1 Let's Dance that a photo-cutout of Sean spelled the end of the group. Pity that the latest album had been well-received. Their previous hit was a faithful version of the number two Queen B-side to We Are The Champions, We Will Rock You which debuted at no 1 on 23rd July, 2000. The band were one of only a few British acts who had made any inroads into the US charts in recent years. Richard Neville, Scott Robinson, Richard Breen, Jason "J" Brown and Sean Conlon were chosen from 3000 hopefuls to form the group by the same team that put together the Spice Girls.
    Lyrics: Closer To You (UK:4), Don't Wanna Let You Go (UK:9), Let's Dance (UK:1, Aus:3), We Will Rock You (UK:1)

... Frankie Goes To Hollywood

    Well, sixties artists have been doing well recently so why shouldn't we see more of the eighties? Unlike Kylie however, Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood which debuts in the UK at no 6 on June 25th, 2000, is simply the vocals from the original ballad given a new dance backing track. The band's final release was in 1987 although remixes of their songs have now charted five times since.

... Fragma featuring Maria Rubia/Coco/Damae

    Another trance anthem, You Are Alive by Fragma debuts at no 4 on May 13th, 2001. This follows the no 1 hit Toca's Miracle in 2000 and Everytime I Need You which hit no 3 on January 7th. All three have featured different vocalists - namely Coco, Maria Rubia and finally Damae. Toca's Miracle had been big in the clubs since summer 1999 was almost a re-issue. In fact it's two songs, both minor dance hits. I Need A Miracle by Coco and Toca Me by Fragma were mixed together by DJ Vimto and a new dance classic was born, bigger than both.
    Lyrics: Everytime You Need Me (UK:3), Toca's Miracle (UK:1), You Are Alive (UK:4)

... Nelly Furtado

    One of a new breed of Canadian singer, Nelly Furtado, described as having the face of Courtney Cox and the voice of Macy Gray debuts in the UK at no 4 on August 26th, 2001 with Turn Off The Light. However unlike Celine Dion and Shania Twain, Nelly writes her own material. Born to Portuguese parents in Victoria, British Columbia, her first album Woah Nelly has done well in North America and was inspired by artists like Cornershop and Beck who combine different cultures in their music. Her debut single I'm Like A Bird was also a worldwide success.
    Lyrics: I'm Like A Bird (UK:5, US:9), Turn Off The Light (UK:4, Aus:8, US:5)

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