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The A to Z of Eurovision Lyrics 2002

The A to Z of Eurovision Lyrics 2002

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Likely result? 8th-15th
Actual - 6th (85)

Group One
Come back Constantinos, all is forgiven. Yes the terrible winker from 1996 is back and he's brought the boys. Or rather some other older chaps. Not a bad song to start and should grab a few votes...

Lyrics: Gimme


United Kingdom
Likely result? 2nd-5th
Actual - 3rd= (111)

Jessica Garlick
May not be our Pop Idol but Jessica can sing and has a half-decent ballad. However she is in the worst place in the draw and has little chance of a win. Seconds maybe...

Lyrics: Come Back


Likely result? 17th-Last
Actual - 18th (26)

Manuel Ortega
Rough looking character with an OK but slightly repetitive song. Say a word? What about crap? Rubbish? Amateur?...

Lyrics: Say A Word


Likely result? 12th-20th
Actual - 17th (27)

Michalis Rakintzis
Critics will hate this and so will the viewers but I'm old enough to remember the original sound of techno-pop. This isn't it but a good effort to be different. And in leather too...

Lyrics: 'S' Agapo'


Likely result? Winner-10th
Actual - 7th (81)

The fans seem to like this which is probably the kiss of death as past favourites have done incredibly badly in the voting. The chorus is catchy if meaningless. I hate it which is probably the mark of a winner. In any case let's hope Rosa avoids the beach-tent look of Spain 1999...

Lyrics: Europe's living a celebration


Likely result? 9th-15th
Actual - 11th (44)

Vesna Pisarovic
Seriously striking good looks may pick up a few stray male votes but can't really rescue an under-par song. Croatia have flirted with costume tricks in the past to gain a few places but I doubt they'll bother with this one...

Lyrics: Sasvim Sigurna


Russian Federation
Likely result? 6th-12th
Actual - 10th (55)

Premier Ministr
I thought this a great song until I saw the boys who look like they've had a few too many nights on the lager and curry trail. If only they could swap songs with Group One then at least Cyprus could make the top 5 again... Deserves to do well but won't...

Lyrics: Northern Girl


Likely result? 4th-8th
Actual - 3rd= (111)

Home-town girl (even if she's Swedish) should get many sixes and fives but not a winner. Good looking girl though...

Lyrics: Runaway


Likely result? 18th-Last
Actual - 19th (25)

Great eastern-european track but not to the west or north's taste and with few regional friends in the contest, this is likely to be over-looked by all...

Lyrics: Od nas zavisi


Likely result? 12th-17th
Actual - 12th (37)

Sarit Hadad
This peace and hope style song has done Israel well in the past but given the present tension seems oddly transparent. Now if she would dress as a man then maybe...

Lyrics: Let´s light a candle together


Likely result? 12th-17th
Actual - 22nd (15)

Francine Jordi
The lesser of two good French ballads in the contest this is unremarkable but pleasing none-the-less...

Lyrics: Dans le jardin de mon âme


Likely result? Winner-5th
Actual - 8th (72)

Despite bodies which would make the Hulk look under-developed, these ladies owe much to Alcazar with their disco-chic. Not the best of singers but the chorus is catchy and may mean the contest spends a fourth year on the Baltic...

Lyrics: Never Let It Go


Likely result? 8th-15th
Actual - 20th (24)

Finland have been judged harshly in the past and seem to have little luck this year following an entry with a similar groove. It's a good song with a blonde comedianne presenting it but just the wrong place...

Lyrics: Addicted To You


Likely result? 11th-20th
Actual - 24th (2)

Malene W. Mortensen
I like this song a lot but it just isn't memorable enough despite the large sultry lips of its singer. Probably sung in English at the final...

Lyrics: Vis mig, hvem du er


Likely result? 11th-20th
Actual - 13th= (33)

Maja Tatic
Another good performer although I hope she's left the feather boa back in Bosnia. The slightly rocky feel suffers however because of what follows...

Lyrics: Na Jastuku Za Dvoje


Likely result? Winner-10th
Actual - 13th= (33)

Sergio and the ladies
A good rocky performance could do well on the night, although I really doubt that it will. There's been many similar attempts in the past like this, if they could inject a bit more humour perhaps...

Lyrics: Sister


Likely result? Winner-5th
Actual - 5th (104)

Sandrine François
I immediately liked this being a Celine Dion fan and although the song has lost a little with each listen the audience for the most part will only get three minutes and the reprise to make up their mind.

Lyrics: Il faut du temps


Likely result? 3rd-8th
Actual - 21st (17)

Corinna May
Haven't the German selectors got sick of the writers of this song? They have represented Germany forever and here they are again, this time a jolly musical number with a blind singer. It is favourite but is just plain awful...

Lyrics: I Can't Live Without Music


Likely result? 15th-Last
Actual - 16th (29)

Group Safir
One of only a few traditional songs this year and unlikely to set the viewing audience on fire. Nice group though...

Lyrics: Leylaklar soldu kalbinde


Likely result? 6th-15th
Actual - 2nd (164)

Ira Losco
Musically on the ball but the lyrics are just a little forced. Losing my tact? Losing my lunch more like... Will no doubt grab a few votes.

Lyrics: 7th Wonder


Likely result? 21st-Last
Actual - 9th (71)

Monica Anghel, Marcel Pavel
A big ballad? Not the most eyecatching of performers this pair. The song's far too downbeat and will be totally forgotten by the time the next act come on.

Lyrics: The voi iubi mereu


Likely result? 6th-20th
Actual - 13th= (33)

One of the talking points of this year's event, these three air-hostess drag artists will turn up in Eurovision shows forever more. The song's not bad but the singing? Who cares?

Lyrics: Samo Ljubezen


Likely result? 16th-Last
Actual - 1st (176)

Marie N
Too forgettable to do well but may pick up some votes from its Baltic neighbours.

Lyrics: I Wanna


Likely result? 6th-12th
Actual - 23rd (12)

Good ending song. Upbeat, not too dramatic just a happy vibe. One of my favourites and should just creep into the Top 10 I think.

Lyrics: Happy You

To sum up: Overall the standard is better than 2000 and 2001 with a few interesting performances too. Personal favourites are UK, Greece, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, France and Lithuania. The winner? My money's on France but it could be Spain or Sweden with Germany or the UK outside possibilities. Enjoy the contest whoever wins!

Well! A bit of a shock result at least for me. Marie N gave a great performance. I wouldn't have said it was the best song but no artist really stood out. The standard of performance was fantastic this year and well done to Estonia for putting on a good show. Loved the postcards and the interval act. Next year in Riga? Why not... Opinions by Alan Stuart. No flaming please....

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