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The A to Z of Hit Albums 2000 (UK): T

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No 1: Jan 9th

Shania Twain
No 1: Jan 2nd
No 7: Mar 26th

And the rest...

... Toploader
No 5: May 28th

    The lads from Eastbourne, Toploader release their first album to mixed reviews but as ever the public are making up their own mind, giving the album Onka's Big Moka a no 5 kick-start on 29th May. The breakthrough single Dancing In The Moonlight, and the top 10 hit Achilles Heel are joined by nine other lightweight yet likable tracks. Dave Eringa who also worked with The Manic Street Preachers has produced. Some reviews suggest too many influences - Reef, Van Morrison, Dodgy - and too much hemp-induced "Jangly cheeriness" says Q, "droopy-eyed optimism" says Select... Still, won't sound bad while relaxing on a deck-chair this summer...

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