John Berridge

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Parish church building
The parish church at Everton where Berridge became Vicar in July 1755. He moved into the vicarage 9 months later.

Tomb stone message

The tomb of John Berridge, on the north side of the church, showing that he dated his spiritual conversion to 1756.
Here lay the earthly Remains of JOHN BERRIDGE
late Vicar of Everton and an itinerant Servant
of JESUS CHRIST who loved his Master and his Work
and after running on his Errands many Years was called
up to wait on Him above. Reader art thou born again
No Salvation without a new Birth.
I was born in Sin Feb 1716
Remained ignorant of my fallen State till 1730
Lived proudly on Faith and Works for Salvation till 1754
Admitted to Everton Vicarage 1755
Fled to JESUS alone for Refuge 1756
Fell asleep in Christ Jan 22 1793

Short summary of the life of John Berridge, and hymn

Short summary of the life of John Berridge, Diocese of Ely website

A brief summary on Berridge from the Spurgeon archive

Book 'The Gospel Pedlar' - the story of John Berridge and the Eighteenth-Century Revival, Nigel Pibworth, Evangelical Press 1987. This is the main biography on John Berridge, but is out of print. Bedford Library has several copies.

References by John Wesley to Berridge and Everton from ' John Wesley - Selected Stories & Teachings From The History Of Revival'

Bedford Tourist Information Centre sells maps of walks in the area, including a circular walk from Everton, Tempsford Aerodrome (from where the SOE agents left for France in WW2) to Sandy, along part of the The Greensand Ridge Walk. See for maps of good walks in the area. . Sandy Sand Hills (photo1, photo2) is one of the best picnic locations in Bedfordshire. Nearby Sandy has shops and cafes.
See a map of the area from

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