I have recently restored and modified an Austin Mini Mayfair and, although I have never developed a web site before, thought it would be a good idea to publish a guide to the processes involved on the Internet..



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MINI LINKS SITEClick this link to visit a site dedicated to the Mini, which contains links to many interesting and useful sites.          

This is the Mini City Register site by Hazel Case well worth a visit

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Due to financial constraints being only 17 years old my Son bought a Mini Advantage, which he proceeded to write off a few months later. He really loved his little Mini and was devastated to have all but killed it, so he bought another, a City this time, into which we put the far better Advantage engine out of the write-off.

Since my son bought his first Mini I have been pleasantly surprised by their economy and shear endearment, so much so that In February 1999 I decided to breath some life into a tired little Mini for my Wife, well, her Nova was now feeling the strain.

I acquired some MG Metro seats, steering wheel, 4 pot caliper brakes, hubs and ventilated disks and a fully rebuilt MG Metro Engine, now to source a suitable Mini. In the local daily paper I found a Mini Mayfair, cheap and in need of some TLC.

Picture 1 below shows the original condition of C603 DUG 'Duggy'.

At first Duggy didn't appear to be in too bad a shape, until I started the modifications, the deeper I went the worse it got. An easy job turned into a major rebuild.



The bits I had obtained so far turned out to be only a small part of what I would eventually need to complete the job. However In June 1999 and 2150 later (part of which was to buy the equipment needed) the deed was done, and worth every penny.

When finished, as intended, I gave Duggy to Julie, my Wife, for her Birthday and used her Nova on the last day of it's M.O.T. and tax to enter a Huddersfield Motor Club Autotest at Ready Mix on Leeds Road, where, for 3 hours my Son, his mate and I thrashed the Nova to within an inch of it's life, bloody good fun. It stood up really well to the beating it got but afterwards I had to scrap it, I got 25 and an MG Metro electronic distributor for my Son's Mini.

I have only been able to drive Duggy a few times since, to give the engine a good clear out, but Julie isn't keen on letting me loose with her pride & joy, she really loves her little Mini.

Picture 2 below shows Duggy now, a very fast, snazzy looking Mini.

That's the story so far, click the links here or below to take you to the PROCESS page with photos and detailed explanations of the restoration process,  including as many of the various problems and oversights encountered as I can remember, and their remedies, or the DIZZY page with a detailed drawing of the wiring to fit a Metro electronic distributor.



23/2/2000 It is now 8 months since Duggy was finished and he hasn't missed a beat, although now, because I didn't lacquer the revolution wheels after they were fettled, like I should have, the winter weather and brake dust have taken their toll, they now need a good clean and lacquering fairly soon before they get too bad.

I have also since fitted a halogen headlamps conversion .

27/4/2000 :- email address change

8/4/2001 :- Pictures on process page optimized for quicker loading, courtesy of Derek Winton, thanks Derek.

5/5/2002 :-Have sold Duggy in favour of a more comfy motor for Julie, couldn't afford both :( 

!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!

Thanks for all the replies I have received concerning the engines and spares I had for sale, they have now all been sold

click here to view the process page

click here to viewthe dizzy page    

There are quite a few pictures on the PROCESS page so it may take a minute or two to download, sorry, but I thought it better to illustrate the process with photos.

  The DIZZY page contains a wiring diagram for fitting a Metro electronic dizzy



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