AJCs Virtual Frogroom: Mannophryne trinitatis

Mannophryne trinitatis

Vivarium: 450 x 400 x 380 mm, palludarium.
Flora: Scindapsus aureus, Vesicularia dubyana.
Fauna: 3.3 Mannophryne trinitatis.
Diet: Drosophila funebris, Drosophila melanogaster, springtails, woodlice, Tribolium larvae, Achroia grisella larvae, sweepings (field plankton).

Mannophryne (formerly Colostethus) trinitatis, the Trinidad stream or rocket frog, is easily the noisiest frog I keep (the sound in this video does not do them justice!). Although they are members of the dendrobatid group of frogs, the species of the genus Mannophryne lack the bright colours of their cousins. This is an indication that they are not as toxic; indeed, they are almost all extremely agile frogs, moving with lightning speed and clearly rely on this ability to escape predators. M. trinitatis is a small frog, reaching just over an inch (2.5 cm) in length. Both males and females are an attractive range of browns and are easily sexed. The adult males have a grey throat, while the territorial females have a bright yellow throat. Males that are calling are completely jet black. They have a single vocal sac under the lower jaw. In the wild, Mannophryne trinitatis is a frog of fast flowing streams, but it is not essential to have running water circulating in their vivarium. Parental care is excellent, and you can leave the whole job of egg and tadpole care to the adults. The tadpoles are not cannibalistic and will survive en masse in their parents' vivarium. On metamorphosis, they emerge as fairly large, young frogs, well able and willing to accept any food you care to offer them, so long as it will fit into their mouth! They are hearty feeders and will reach maturity within five months, often a little less with good husbandry. The parents of these frogs were collected in Trinidad by a former BDG member in the 1970s and have been maintained as a constant line in the UK ever since.

coverPoison Dart Frogs
William Samples & Jack Wattley

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