Traditional TaeKwonDo in Midhurst


Provide the best taekwondo experience for the community of Midhurst and Petworth. Enable people to get active and better enjoy life.


SDTKD guarantee that in your first three months you will have fun, learn something of the martial art and feel better for the experience. Otherwise SDTKD will refund your training fees in full.


Courtesy, integrity, perseverance ... the foundations of taekwondo.

Equiping you with the attributes for everyday success.

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British TaeKwonDo Council
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How to join...

Becoming a member of the TAGB (TaeKwonDo Association of Great Britain) and starting training with SDTKD is easy! Just come along to a lesson and join in (or watch). Wear loose clothing and bring some water.

Why TaeKwonDo?

For physical and mental fitness, flexibility and self defence. Gain self respect, build self confidence and feel better about yourself.

Why the TAGB?

Join the best, join the TAGB the UK largest taekwondo association since 1983. National training syllabus, qualified, full professional indemnity insurance cover and CRB checked instructors.

The TAGB is respected worldwide. Check out the TAGB on the internet

What to do now?

Come along to a lesson, bring some friends and have some fun doing something a little bit different. Start on a journey of self discovery today.

Call SDTKD on 01903 234718 or email info@sdtkd.co.uk for more information.

Training fees

SDTKD operate a monthly Pay-As-You-Go scheme for the payment of training fees. Details upon request from info@sdtkd.co.uk


Sue VanZwanenBerg 8th Kup (Yellow Belt) Nov 2007.

It's fantastic to be able to train with my children, learning Tae Kwon- Do together is really good fun. At the beginning I was hesitant to start - being not so young and not so fit - but joining SDTKD was one of my better decisions, and now, a year later, I'm fitter, lighter and have oodles more energy.

As for Oliver and Lucy, they too are physically fitter, and have more confidence in themselves. Their eagerness to learn new techniques has not waivered and I am very proud of their achievements.

At SDTKD, lessons are varied, challenging and always well planned. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. SDTKD has enriched our lives and I would recommend everyone to come along and be the best that they can.