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Kenwood's APRS enabled rigs

TM-D700 pictureTH-7D picture

The TM-D700/D710 mobile rig and TH-D7 handheld both have integral TNCs for connection to a computer running APRS software such as UI-View.  They can also be used standalone with APRS information being shown on the rig's displays.  They can also connect to a GPS receiver for a full tracker station.

For base station use the TS-2000 also has an TNC which can be used for APRS.  Some retailers have said that it can't be used for APRS, but they are mistaken.  It does not have internal APRS software like the TM-D700/710 and TH-D7, but the integral TNC can easily connect with a simple passive cable to your COM1 port of your PC.  Set the menu options and you are away.

TS-2000 picture

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