Text Box: Commissioned for Beverley Manor Nursery







Thanks to all the children who took part and helped write the poems




The children’s poems:




 Wrapped Up


 Warm, nice, snuggled

Cosy, happy

All wrapped us


 Autumn Leaves


 Branches – brown

Trees fall over

Bendy, blowing leaves

Squirrels eating nuts

Pinecones pointy

Running, happy


Leaves spin, falling

Green, yellow, red

They turn brown

Blow away – on the ground


   get autumn and brown

Slip over

Crunchy – sssh – wet

Slippery – crunchy

Fall over

Happy, excited

Quick, messy


 Sleepy Mouse



 Little mouse:

Snuggles up

In a ball

Soft spongy

      Lilly-pad leaves

Eats cheese


     of snakes and owls

Cold, tired, sleeps


 Hedgehog Sleeps




Prickly, spiky

Moves slowly

Curls up, very cosy


 Like A Dragon


 Wood - make fire

Rub the wood, lights

The fire, sticks, logs

Ashes, pop, sparks

Red, yellow, orange

Colours, small twigs


Orange fire

Make bangs

Stay for five minutes, smokey

Smoke, pop pop pop

Sparks, flames jumping

Black and dark sky

Fires are light like a torch

Feel hot, warm

Smoke comes out

Sparks, happy

Dragon breathing fire

Different colours melting



 Autumn Pumpkin


 Look a lantern!

Light, hot, orange

Mad faces, scary faces

Happy faces, nasty faces

Had to make a face,

Eyes, a triangle nose

Mum helps – with knife

Squiggly mouth


 Bonfire Toffee


 We eat toffee

Sticky, can’t move;

Your teeth, can’t talk

Can’t open mouth

Coffee! Soggy, nice

Dribble on your chin


 Shooting Star


 Shoots the moon;

Wishing stars

The star floats, bright

In the sky, lights

Twinkle, whoosh, fast


 Cold Autumn



Freezing, shiver

Teeth chatter

Run home fast

To light a fire

Slippery, white, icy

Walk slowly,

Carefully, neatly

Sliding, slipping





 Still Dark


 Cosy, warm, very comfy


Blue, warm blanket

Cuddly teddy

I like looking -

    out my window


  The moon comes out

Stay in bed, really cosy

Horrible when it’s dark

Dark and frosty

It thinks it’s night-time


 Wrapping Up



Teeth chatter –

       like a woodpecker

Shake like a jelly

Wellies on

Snuggle in jumpers

Scarves and hat

Cosy and warm

Bug in a rug




Word and Rhythm of the Seasons

One of mine:


Red Hot Summer


 Isn’t it lovely in the summer

Bend and breathe the perfumed flower

Cool moist dew-grasses freshen the toes

Down see daisies – open, close – open, close

Dandelions – don’t smell those!

Look lovely roses, don’t pick, they prickle you

Happily we wander, so warm, the sky so blue

Fluffy clouds wobble, bump, then float away again

Hot! Oh so hot – feel cool in light refreshing rain!

Laughing out loud – Look a beautiful beautiful rainbow

The sun is soon out again we know we know

As we skip – stop, see, little and fluttering, a butterfly

Pretty it sips at sweetness in the petals. Ooo we are thirsty

Hot it gets. What we need is an ice-lolly

And a picnic – eager, we sit. What’s this? Fresh strawberry

Sweet juicy – helps us keep cool

Oooo look, jump up, dash – splash, in a, paddling pool

Out We Go


 Frosty windows

Really white

Condensation –

Patterns of bubbles

Very drippy

Turning icy

Frozen mud, frozen solid

Crunching in the snow

Snow turns to ice

We slip on it

Pull out feet

And start to walk,

Nicely, really slowly

Hair gets messed up

Like you fly away –



 Dark Skies


 Feel cold

Shivering, freezing


For a nice warm drink

Clouds move slowly,

To the side

Funny shapes

Things that go wobbly

Water Would Drip


 Icicles – cold

Spiky and sharp


Drop to bottom

Crash – snap – break!

Into many pieces

Stab on the back,

Scratch the snowman.

Water would drip

Icicles snap.



 Footsteps On The Path


 Ice, slip and slide. Hard

Cold and shivery

Looks like pieces of metal

White stuff chucked on,

              each pile of snow

On the windows,

Frosty condensation

Running about


Feels like,

    you’re on skates

Fall, hurt self, slip

Fast and slip, skid

Slip into,

Holly bush



 Snowdrops Peep



Only see the little flower

Spring is coming!

Happy, lots of flowers!

White as snow,

As cotton wool,

And fluffy clouds



 Being A Bird


 Cold, Robin-Redbreast


Really really freezing

Tuck into a ball

Flap wings about

Worms, seeds

Carrot for Rudolph

Nuts for birds

Peck, peck


 Feed The Birds


 Give them bread

Peck, peck

Fill the feeder

Peck, peck

Throw bread on the grass

Whoosh and zoom

Squabbling over bits

They eat it

Peck, peck


 Winter Berries


 Red and round

Spike-you leaves

Green as grass

Pricking you

Red as a jersey

Red as a jelly

Birds can eat them


 Holly Berries


 Prickly, hard branches

Berries round and red

Green spiky leaves

Sharp, prick you – hurt

Must be Christmas!


 How Snow Feels


 Cold – freezing

Soft – light

Floating – squiggly

Fluttering -

   like a butterfly

Roll it into balls

Melts in your hand


 Hailstones Hurt


 Cry, feel cold

Feels like a stone

Sting a bit

Ow! – Shocked!

White round snow wheel



 Stars In The Sky


 They shoot

And they shine

The moon shines as well

Loads of stars

Yellow, gold, silver

Fluffy and white


Dark blue, navy blue sky


Being A Star


 Twinkling – shine bright

See Shooting stars

Feel hard, cold

Be soft, feel happy

Snug as a bug

Snuggle down

Like an angel, an alien

Twinkling bright