Text Box: The Bands continued







Spendlow & James ( Deep Heat)

Yes back by popular demand they are gigging again!

Pagan†† Rhythm theatre†† Beautiful†† Spiritual†† Ridiculous



Willow has worked all over Europe both in Shapeshifter and in bands, plus playing keyboards for such as Roy Castle.



Jon Harvison

Iíve just started working with Jon after ages of us meaning to get together and already there are some powerful co-creations blossoming. Our first gig together, recently had the audience transfixed. Jon has a rich strong voice and a strong comfortable guitar style, which take shim all around the country where, especially folk audiences, find his simple beautiful songs style extremely effective and absorbingly gestalt.

Nic Hall of the Hall Brothers

A great act this oneófull of energy. Nic lets rip with the effects peddleon some of the weirder numbersIE Reality Rippled and slows it down for more moving numbers which couple Nicís new songs with Adrianíswords.


Em Whitfield

Excellent singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist well known throughout the North of England.



Dave Carley (X TRIBALISE) on keyboards, sequencer, PC, TV, Djembi and much other unknown beauty


Alex Kirby

Exciting Whitby-based songwriter who I really enjoy working with. Lovely guy.


Michael Watts

Youngest ever winner of Acoustic Musician of the Year, Michael reaches directly to the emotions making guitarists weep! World and classical beauty being melded with especially written poems as we speak.

Iím right sad that Michael has now gone to live in Greece, Iím also very jealous of his life styleóIf you want to make an album in wonderful surroundings heís you man.

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