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Here's some information about Lennie Niehaus:


Lennie Niehaus was born on 11 June 1929, St Louis Missouri USA. An alto saxophone player, he studied composition at the Los Angeles State College music school.


In 1951, at the time of the Korean war, he joined the Stan Kenton big band. After a few months, he was drafted into the US army. During basic training, Lennie met Clint Eastwood who was located at the same base camp, Fort Ord in California. Clint was supervising a high diving exercise, having already completed his own basic training. Lennie sustained an injury leaving the pool and Clint ensured Lennie received the appropriate medical attention. In 1953, while in the army, Lennie formed a quartet and performed in several non-commissioned officer clubs where Clint worked as a bartender.


Lennie was discharged from the army in 1954, coincidently the Stan Kenton band had an opening for an alto saxophone player and Lennie immediately re-joined the band. At that time, Gerry Mulligan was writing arrangements for the band. After Gerry left the band, Lennie began writing with Bill Holman, taking inspiration from Gerry.


In 1959, Lennie left the Stan Kenton band. He continued to arrange for the Stan Kenton band but also began orchestrating music with Jerry Fielding. Jerry had been blacklisted by Hollywood film producers in the early 1950s; he had been a member of the Hollywood Writers Mobilisation, thought by many to be a front for a communist organisation. When Lennie met Jerry, Jerry was musical director at the Royal Las Vegas hotel and needed assistance orchestrating music for entertainers. In 1962, Jerry’s workload expanded as he returned to writing music for film and TV. Lennie orchestrated music for his film projects and arranged for TV shows.


In 1984, Clint invited Lennie to compose a sound-track for the film ‘Tightrope’. This was the first time Lennie had composed music for a film on his own. Clint had no recollection of his previous encounter with Lennie at the swimming pool but had remembered listening to his quartet while serving drinks in the clubs. Since then, Lennie has arranged and composed music for numerous films produced and/or directed by Clint Eastwood including ‘The Bridges of Maddison County’, ‘Million Dollar Baby’,’Gran Torino’, ‘Pale Rider’, ‘City Heat’, ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘Bird’ the film about the life of Charlie Parker.