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I am married to Angelina, and we have a son, Nathan, who was born on 27th June 2005, and a daughter, Isabel, who was born on 3rd July 2008.

I also have two parents and two brothers. My brother Richard would like you to go and visit his website, where you can find a comedy animated photo of me.


I've been working for Citrix since December 2008, in the XenServer team. Before that I was CTO of a web analytics company, ClickTracks, for six years.


And before that I was an academic, in the Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

My research was on stochastic networks; that's to do with mathematical problems in communications networks. You can still get a list of my research publications. You can even download some of them, including my Ph.D. dissertation, entitled Resource Pooling in Stochastic Networks.

My Erdös number is 3, via Peter Ney and David McDonald.


My main hobbies at the moment are cycling and geocaching. They're really the same hobby for me, because I cycle to all my geocaches.

I am the author of a very popular free program called analog to analyse the traffic on web servers. Have a look at some sample statistics.

I play backgammon, and I wrote the first ever backgammon page on the web, imaginatively entitled The WWW Backgammon Page.

I also enjoy singing and playing the piano.

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