Cristiano Ronaldo may soon be joined by his Portuguese team-mate Luis Figo, if the tabloids are to be believed.

With Figo having been left out of Real Madridís final few games of the season in favour of battler Gravesen, it has come out in the Press that coach Luxemburgo isnít too keen on the ageing star, and Real would be quite happy to release him for a nominal fee.

The Spanish side have seen two consecutive trophy-less seasons, and are looking to make wholesale changes.

Figo didnít confirm that Real have released him, but did have some time to mention who heíd like to be linked with - "I have been linked with Liverpool and Manchester United and I think both of those clubs are fantastic. Almost every player would like to play for either of those teams and I am no different."

He has also already discussed his options with our favourite Cristiano Ronaldo - "Cristiano has talked to me about life at Manchester United and some of the Spanish players at Liverpool have given me references about how good it is at Anfield."

Will Ronaldoís boyhood hero be arriving at OT? Maybe, just maybe.

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