Dr. Alan Poyner-Levison is a Messianic Bible teacher in Manchester. For more information, please contact us using the contact page. Below are some of the teachings Dr. Poyner-Levison has brought out in his Yeshivas.

Apostles and Prophets

Sunday or Sabbath

The Lamb of God

Faith and Pacifism

Born-Again: A Jewish Concept

The Pagan Origins of Easter and Christmas

Sha'ul's Ecclesia

The Position of Women in the Church

Numbers 16 & 17

Temple Officials

Isaac and Jacob

Vineyard of the Lord

The Law of Moses and The Law of Christ

Excellency in Leadership

Biblical Leadership

Judge Not


Romans 11 and the Replacement Problem

The Grace of God



The Blessings of Jacob

The Declining State of Post-modern Evangelicalism

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