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  A Mandelbrot generator for x86 and ARM based Pocket PCs.

Current Mandelbrot:
  16/05/2004  MandelbrotPPC 1.09  x86 (69Kb),  ARM (84Kb)
  * Added association with .mcf file and MandelbrotPPC executable.
  * Fixed problem with 1.08 cab installer.

Mandelbrot History:
  16/05/2004  MandelbrotPPC 1.08  x86 (69Kb),  ARM (83Kb)
  * Added palette to the saved location (.mcf) files.
  04/01/2004  MandelbrotPPC 1.07  x86 (69Kb),  ARM (83Kb)
  * Installation .cab file generated.
  * Added palette files to the installation.
  15/12/2003  MandelbrotPPC 1.06  x86 (53Kb),  ARM (68Kb)
  * Fixed broken optimization that determines whether to fill areas.
  8/12/2003  MandelbrotPPC 1.05  x86 (53Kb),  ARM (68Kb)
  * Added version information to the executable.
* Show exe version in the about box.
  30/11/2003  MandelbrotPPC 1.04  x86 (??Kb),  ARM (??Kb)
  * Added bitmap saving.
* Added palette file support.
* Improved palette cycling.
  24/11/2003  MandelbrotPPC 1.03  x86 (??Kb),  ARM (??Kb)
  * Added palette cycling.
  22/11/2003  MandelbrotPPC 1.02  x86 (??Kb),  ARM (??Kb)
  * Added builtin palette support.
  19/11/2003  MandelbrotPPC 1.01  x86 (??Kb),  ARM (??Kb)
  * About box and menu changes.
  18/11/2003  MandelbrotPPC 1.00  x86 (??Kb),  ARM (??Kb)
  * Original release.
  Download Interesting Mandelbrot Location files here.
  Fire   Red Wave   Electric Storm
  Nice   Swirling Many thanks must go to Paul Turner for providing these files.

The mandelbrot is full of interesting patterns, see what you can uncover!

  Download additional Mandelbrot Palette files here.
  Altern palette   Blues palette   Chroma palette
  Default palette   Firestrm palette   Froth3 palette
  Froth6 palette   Glasses1 palette   Glasses2 palette
  Goodega palette   Green palette   Grey palette
  Headache palette   Landscap palette   lyapunov palette
  Neon palette   Royal palette   Topo palette
  Volcano palette    
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