Hoyle Card Games 2003

18 Card games including Solitaire, Euchre, Spades, War, Canasta, Pitch, Bridge, Crazy Eights, Cribbage, Pinochle, Go Fish, Hearts, Poker, Gin Rummy, Old Maid, Memory Match and more.

Hoyle, the card game experts, brings you 18 of your favourite card games like you've never seen them before. Lively, interactive play and crisp, colourful graphics make Hoyle Card Games the number one selling game available.

Now includes the Hoyle International Game Section, which includes Skat, a three-player game from Germany and Tarot, the national game of France.
One of the most revered things about Hoyle Games is the animated characters. Choose to play with Bart, Elayne, Ethel, Gax, Harley, Jasper, Marvin, Maurice, Robin or Roswell or with your own friends and family. Players can use Facemaker, which lets users create their personalised character, choosing his or her hairstyle, outfit, and facial features.

A complimentary Hoyle rulebook and strategy guide is included with the game. This book contains card game history, rules, playing strategies and helpful diagrams that walk you through situational game play.

* 16 authentic favourite card games plus two new International Games.
* Challenge the Hoyle cast of 10 animated characters, each with adjustable skill levels and attitudes.
* Create personalised characters with Facemaker. Choose your hairstyle, outfit and facial features - the possibilities are endless!
* Free Hoyle rulebook and strategy guide included. Rules, hints and tips are also just a mouse click away.
* Choose the music, background and game variations to suit your style.
* Play with up to four people on the same computer.
* Easy to install and start playing right away.

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GENRE: Kids Games


PRICE: £16.99

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Although not OS X carbonised, these titles will run in classic mode.
* PowerPC or PowerMac G3 including iMac
* System 7.5.3 or higher,
* 32 MB unused RAM
* 4x CD-ROM,
* 640x480 @ thousands of colours