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New Deshaker for Sony Vegas

New Deshaker for Sony Vegas is based on the original Sony Vegas Deshaker script written by David Arendt from Luxmemories Sarl. Extensive changes were also made to the original script by John Meyer. The modifications made to produce New Deshaker were inspired by the "Todo" list in the original script. My thanks go to both gentlemen for their hard work in producing the original. Extensive thanks are also due to Gunnar Thalin on whose VirtualDub Deshaker filter this script relies and without which it would not work. Help and information on the Deshaker filter and its history are available from Gunnar's website here. Last and by no means least thanks also go to Avery Lee for producing VirtualDub in the first place - a piece of software I've used for many years and over many versions. Information relating to VirtualDub is available here.

First things first. In case it's not apparent, this software is not, I repeat, not an update to the VirtualDub filter written by Gunnar. It does, however, rely on both it and VirtualDub for its operation. This is solely a script/extension for Sony Vegas Video Editing software. If you're trying to use it and you're not doing this via Sony Vegas 7.0 or Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 or 9.0, then you're in the wrong place.

New Deshaker for Sony Vegas uses Version 1.8.8 of VirtualDub and Version 2.4 of Gunnar's Deshaker filter. It has not been tested with any other versions of either.


Two downloads are required. One for New Deshaker and one for the VirtualDub / Gunnar's Deshaker Filter / Job Script. They are provided both as either a Windows Installer file (New Deshaker) or a self-extracting zip archive (VirtualDub) as well as conventional zip files (both) - the latter requiring manual installation.

Both Vegas Pro 8.0 and Vegas 7.0 versions are available. Take care to ensure that you download the correct one. Versions for Vegas Pro 8.0 have a version number beginning with 8 whereas versions for Vegas 7.0 have a version number beginning with 7.

New Deshaker for Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 may be installed as either a Vegas Script or Vegas extension. The installer defaults to installing as a script in the folder C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 8.0\Script Menu but that may be overridden to place it in your My Documents\Vegas Application Extensions or My Documents\Vegas Script Menu folder for example.

New Deshaker for Sony Vegas 7.0 is installed as a Vegas Script. The installer defaults to installing as a script in the folder C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas 7.0\Script Menu.

The VirtualDub self-extracting archive defaults to installing in the C:\Program Files\VirtualDub folder. The default setup for New Deshaker for Sony Vegas also expects VirtualDub to be in that folder so that will also need to be changed if the default is overridden.

Windows Installers:

New Deshaker for Sony Vegas (Sony Vegas Pro 8.0)
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas (Sony Vegas 7.0)

Self Extracting Archives:


Zip Files:

New Deshaker for Sony Vegas Zip (Sony Vegas Pro 8.0)
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas Zip (Sony Vegas 7.0)
VirtualDub Zip

On first running if VirtualDub is in its default location, then the only other setting required will be the "Render to" folder for the temporary renders out of Vegas. Click on the Browse button to select a suitable directory. A deshake folder will be created under the temporary directory for these renders.


Deshaken output from VirtualDub will be added as a take as per the original script. However, its location will be a deshake directory beneath the folder where the original media lies rather than below the project file location. In addition the filename is based on the Active Take name and the number of deshaken files for that Active Take name. For example, the resultant deshaken uncompressed output from a clip from the file c:\folder\wobbly_video.avi will end up as c:\folder\deshake\wobbly_video-001.avi. A second clip from the same file will end up as c:\folder\deshake\wobbly_video-002.avi

The VirtualDub compressor as per the original script defaults to "0" i.e. uncompressed. This can be changed to a FOURCC code but currently the encoder's configuration cannot be changed. An alternative is to select the "Compress Inbound" checkbox and chooose a Vegas renderer and template. This will perform an additional render on the output from VirtualDub and that render will be added as a new take. For Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 the file extension of the re-rendered output will depend on the Vegas renderer chosen. For example, an inbound render to an MPEG2 file from the above example will give c:\folder\deshake\wobbly_video-001.mpg. For Sony Vegas 7.0 the file extension of the re-rendered output will be taken from the original media - less than adequate but a result of the limitations of the older scripting API.

Presets are now available. They can be edited, deleted, saved, imported and exported. New presets are created by editing an existing one and changing the name of the preset. On click OK you will be prompted to answer "YES" to create a new preset or "NO" to overwrite the existing one. All presets can be deleted but there can never be zero presets. If you delete all of your own a preset called "Original" will be automatically added to the list - this is a preset that matches the original Deshaker settings. Saving presets saves them to New Deshaker's configuration file (nowhere else). Import and Export allow taking presets from and saving them to an external file. Use this option to move presets to another computer or to share presets with other users.

On the Preset dialog itself are four items. An edit box to change the name, an undo button which will undo all the changes you made after clicking on the Edit Preset button (sorry that's as granular as the undo is at the moment) and a "reset to original" button which removes everything you've done and sets the preset back to the original Deshaker settings (useful if you want to start from scratch).

In addition, there is a "toggle tooltips" button. Tooltips have been added to both dialogs. However this button does not affect the tooltips that are displayed when you hover over buttons etc at the top of the Preset dialog or the whole of New Deshaker dialog itself. This only affects giving help on the filter settings. The help text is, in some cases, somewhat large and has been lifted directly from the filter homepage. Everywhere that "I" is mentioned relates to the author of the filter and not me. A browser link to the filter's homepage has also been added at the bottom next to the OK and Cancel buttons.

Another new option is the ability to choose whether or to remove Video Effects or Pan/Crop settings prior to deshaking the video. The default is removal (as per the original Deshaker) and these checkboxes will initially be ticked. Unchecking these options will result in warning dialogs being displayed and if left unchecked the text background of these options will be red to draw attention to that fact.

It is important to understand the ramifications of unchecking these options. *All* effects and pan/crop settings will end up being rendered out and therefore part of the new take. The corollary is that they are then disabled (in the case of effects for Sony Vegas Pro 8.0) or removed (pan/crop in Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 or both in Sony Vegas 7.0) from the original event. This is to prevent them being applied twice to the new take. Obviously, they will no longer be available to the original take - although in the case of the video effects within Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 they can at least be re-enabled. If that's not what you want, *don't* uncheck these options.


The most recent version incorporates logging. A file New Deshaker.log will be created in the directory where Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 or Sony Vegas 7.0 is installed. If you're having problems it's useful to up the logging level to maximum. However, currently this has to be done by manually changing the relevant entry in the file New Deshaker.dll.config. Open up the file in Notepad or a similar text editor and search for <setting name="LoggingLevel" serializeAs="String"> Change <value>INFO</value> to <value>DEBUG</value> to maximise the logging.

Please post any problems/comments/requests on the Vegas Pro - Scripting forum at the Sony Creative Software website.


New Deshaker for Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 was built and tested using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0c running under Windows XP 32-bit SP3. As of Version it uses Vegas Pro 8.0b references but is still only tested against 8.0c.

New Deshaker for Sony Vegas 7.0 was built using Sony Vegas 7.0d references. Since I don't own Sony Vegas 7.0, I am reliant on limited testing by third-parties.


The author of New Deshaker for Sony Vegas accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this product and makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using it.

Release History 7th May 2009. Change/Bug fix release.

Fix: The CommandCategory can now be successfully changed in the config file (Vegas 8 only).

Change: Application-scope settings are now read from the config file.
Change: Checks for correct file locations and render path validity now made on startup.
Change: Common code-base now supports both Vegas 7 and Vegas 8 via conditional compilation.
Change: Vegas 8 version changed from from 1.* to 8.*.
Change: Windows installers created for both Vegas 7 & Vegas 8 versions. 2nd May 2009. Change/Bug fix release.

Fix: Checking the logfile size now checks to see if it actually exists first.
Fix: Datasource for presets combo box is now reset prior to preset import.
Fix: Dialogs are now fixed size.

Change: Tooltip expanded for VirtualDub compressor.
Change: Readme included with archive. 1st May 2009. Change/Bug fix release.

Fix: Change made to generated VirtualDub command line.
Fix: Checkbox for "Ignore pixels inside" on Pass 1 now saved/loaded.
Fix: Clear method on event's VideoMotion Keyframes collection doesn't remove first keyframe. All keyframes now individually removed.

Change: log4net logging removed to due to extremely crap behaviour and replaced with my own.
Change: Logging default is now INFO instead of DEBUG.
Change: Tooltips added to dialogs.
Change: Choosing location of the VD script file now defaults to showing *.vds files.
Change: Support for Deshaker Filter presets added.
Change: Presets can be imported and exported.
Change: Removing effects and pan/crop settings prior to render is now optional (default is removal). 15th April 2009. Bug fix/Change release.

Fix: No longer permits a null VirtualDub compressor setting.
Fix: No longer permits a null outbound template (hopefully fixes things for Vegas Pro 8.1).
Fix: Render cancel is now handled.

Change: Logging (log4net) added.
Change: About box added.
Change: Filters out generated media and stills from selected events. 9th April 2009. Bug fix release.

Fix: Recompiled with Vegas 8.0b to be backwards compatible. 3rd April 2009. Bug fix release.

Fix: The program will loop until it finds a unique filename for the inbound file. The name is no longer based on the take count. 31st March 2009. Initial release.

Older Releases (Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 only)

Self Extracting Archives:

New Deshaker for Sony Vegas
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas

Zip Files:

New Deshaker for Sony Vegas Zip
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas Zip
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas Zip
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas Zip
New Deshaker for Sony Vegas Zip